She Sails Reflections

An Open Letter To The Plank Owners:


Ladies, thank you so much for attending She Sails.  The insane amount of gratitude I feel for you all is almost impossible to put into words.

Hosting a Meetup for Mariners of the female variety is something that I've wanted to do for so long.  It couldn't have happened without your leap of faith.

A little Real Talk.  After I tried to host the Meetup in Vegas (ambitious.) and got zero sign ups I didn't really know what to do.  I felt flustered and embarrassed and in general at a total loss.  My Dad said, 'Maybe you should just start smaller.  Big things have little starts!'.  Then last February I realized The Lodge at Fall City Farms could be perfect and got to work on something small.  Every. Single. Time. I called my Dad he'd ask me how my planning was going and if I had any new sign ups.  

My Dad passed away in April unexpectedly and, I went back to work shortly after.  Through the Summer and Fall I had zero motivation.  Planning She Sails was absolutely the last thing I wanted to do.  The only thing that made me not cancel it was because I'd imagine how excited my Dad would be if I called him and told them I was up to six sign ups.

I got a spurt of last minute motivation from Ally Cedeno of Women Offshore.  She heard about the event and messaged me this:  what can I do to support you?  So simple.  So lovely.  So refreshing.  

It helped me remember why I wanted to do She Sails in the first place!  It helped me remember that it was about me but really it was about others - helping people form connection. 

When you Ladies showed up at The Lodge I was a huge knot of nervousness and anxiety.  The way you easily found a rhythm together and started chatting like you were old friends put me right at ease.  This past weekend simply wouldn't have been the same without you.  

The depth of conversation, the laughing, the period woe real talk, the cooking of meals and clean ups, the fire building, the busty mermaids, the downward dogs on yoga mats, wine and mimosas, Katrinas amazing laughing, allll of it.  I wouldn't change a thing about how the weekend went!!!

My Dad would have been so excited to follow along on Instagram - and that just makes me feel all the extra feels that the weekend was so special - knowing how tickled pink he would have been about the whole thing.

Thanks for helping me make this happen, thanks for making it all worth it.

Love you all so much and can't wait until the next one!



Nautie Mermate