There were a lot of requests for workshops.  I was super duper excited that people were interested in professional development!

Here's the reality:  I didn't get enough people to sign up to be able to afford a proper meeting space.

Here's what we're going to do:  I've taken all the workshop ideas and used them to plan 'Round Table Discussions'.  We will still have professional discussions but, they'll be more informal and will be able to be held anywhere we'd like to be....like laying poolside.

These are the topics that will be incorporated throughout the weekend in creative ways:

1)  Live Q & A with break-out sessions

We've had a wide variety of experiences and there are so many unique career paths available to mariners.  Let's learn from each other - let's give each other feed back on what some options are for them in the future.

2)  How to Manage Your Inner Critic

How do you stay positive when the going gets tough?  How do you set goals and reach them?  How do you use feedback and criticism constructively?  How do you stop telling yourself you can't do it all?  How do you stay curious after years in the same job?

3)  Reaching the Pilot House in a Dwindling Fleet

Let's face it, there are fewer and fewer ships these days.  How do we promote when there are fewer positions available?

4)  For the Health of Our Community Let’s Set Goals

How would we the general problems within our community as a group?  Knowing there are problems within our community is one thing but, acting on them is so much better!  What do we want to make happen when we leave the Meetup?  Solution Based Problem Solving!  



**I'm open to ideas, I'm looking for people who'd like to lead a discussion, I'm all ears!  Feel free to email me:  shesailsmeetup@gmail.com