Hello Friends!

Coming off a full weekend - new friends were made - hearty discussions were had - action items were jotted down.  I've been thinking so much about She Sails and what I'd like to do with it moving forward...

Here's what I've come up with.  I want to do more with it!  I'd like to have more meetups, have another retreat at The Lodge, host socials, build connections and continue to try new things.

This leads me to the most important decision I've made so far.

I have to leave the name She Sails behind.  Here's why:

I didn't do enough research when I started it - I thought it up on the fly - ran with it before I lost my courage - and threw social media accounts and a website together.  She Sails was maaajorly taken.  There are other She Sails accounts.  Whoopsies.

The name She Sails didn't work for several major reasons.

  1. Duh, it was taken...
  2. It wasn't a big enough umbrella.  It was She Sails Meetup.  I'd like to do more than Meetups!  It needed a name that could have subcategories.
  3. Like I explained over the was secretly a tad bit sassy.  I wanted to get rid of that sassiness!

Drum Roll Please!

SailHER is now a thing.  Shoot an email to!  You can find the accounts on social media:  @sailher_social.


Now.  I knoooooow some of you aren't going to like the new name.  All I have to say is, wait awhile.  It will grow on you.  I've heard it's too cutesie.  I've heard it's dorky.  Agreed but, I promise you: it will grow on you!  Once it got stuck in my head it wasn't going anywhere.  

I'm still working on action items!  I'm hoping that I can get it all done in the next day or two.  In the meantime please standby and stick with me as I change the look of things around here and there on the interwebs!

Nautie Mermate